Family Law and Employment Law

Image of CourthouseDealing with a divorce or child custody concern are difficult issues for any family. The law firm of Joseph Onwuteaka has developed family law as one of the firm’s primary areas of specialization. We can provide answers to questions concerning a divorce or a child custody issue and assist you with handling your case through the court system. We encourage you to handle your situation, whatever it may be in a knowledgeable and prepared manner by contacting our office to set an appointment for a free consultation. You may contact us by telephone at (713) 271-5760 or by using our electronic questionnaire to describe your legal matter. Listed below are common questions concerning divorce and child custody issues.

Questions Concerning Family Law:

  • What is the process to filing for a divorce and what happens after is it filed?
  • What is community property in Texas and how does it affect me?
  • How can separate property be protected in a divorce?
  • How much money is typically awarded for child support?
  • How do I receive custody of my children?
  • What are my visitation rights to see my children?

Employment Law

Employee relationships in Texas start with Texas State Law and expand to Federal Law. Employee at Will? What are the ups and downs? How are you protected? Terminations or Layoffs? Or is it Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, or Americans with Disability? If you are an Employer, do you have a plan for defense? Or are you an employee whose rights have been violated? Call (713) 271-5760 for answers.

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