Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice

Image of Personal Injury ClaimIf you have been injured in an automobile accident, because of a doctor’s or hospital’s negligence, or as a result of a defective product, our firm can advise you of your legal rights and responsibilities, evaluate your situation and use negotiation skill to affect a settlement. Immediately after an accident, it is critical to gather information and wage loss information to prepare for your claim. Our firm is dedicated to protecting your rights, for a free consultation with our firm call (713) 271-5760 to arrange an appointment.

Questions Concerning Accidents and Malpractice:

  • What action do I need to take after I have been involved with an accident?
  • How do I get my medical bills, lost wages and rental car paid for after an accident?
  • What are my legal rights if I am injured as a result of a doctor’s or hospital’s negligence?
  • Who should be held responsible for an injury associated with a defective product?
  • How do I get compensation for medical costs, lost wages and mental anguish after a slip and fall accident?
  • How do I know that I am being fairly compensated by the insurance company for my injuries?

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