A lot of people experience unfortunate events that cause them bodily injuries now and then. Although mishaps and accidents are inevitable, a personal injury claim can be pursued if the damage caused was out of another person’s negligence. Here are some of the most general personal damages in Houston:

Road damages

Auto accidents happen every day in Houston possibly because of the increasing population and the number of automobiles. Road distractions such as eating, talking on the phone, eating and radios are also major contributors. When a road accident occurs, it can involve a driver, cyclist, motorbike rider or a pedestrian. Any individual injured as a result of the crash caused by someone else can file a claim.

Slips and falls injuries

Slips and falls cause thousands of injuries in a single year simply because they happen anywhere and to anyone. Slippery floors, wrong footwear, and people are some of the causes of slips and falls. In most cases, these misfortunes happen due to an individual’s or another person’s mistake. If you injure yourself due to another person’s negligence, then you have the right to seek compensation.

Work-related damages

Work injuries are common sufferings that many people go through. Some of the leading causes of such damages include:

  • Warehouse accidents
  • Use of heavy machinery
  • Falling objects and debris
  • Factory accidents
  • Repetitive workplace actions
  • Falls from height
  • Slips and trips

If you get involved in an accident at work that causes you to suffer, and it was not your mistake, then you should make a personal injury claim for your compensation.

Injuries from defective products

According to law, all products should be safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, due to poor workmanship, some products end up causing injuries to consumers. If you get injured due to a defective product, you should ask for compensation in court because the manufacturer would be at fault.

Medical negligence damages

Medical malpractice is considered to be one of the most controversial personal injuries. You have to provide evidence that the physician’s negligence caused the injuries and that they did not provide reasonable and competent care. Medical negligence arises under several circumstances, including the following:

  • A practitioner failing to act on test results promptly
  • An error in drugs administration and treatment
  • Wrong site surgery
  • Error or delay in illness diagnosis

Dog bite injuries

If you are harmed as a result of a dog bite or attack, you can claim for compensation. A dog bite is usually considered to be an act of negligence of the owner, and they are therefore held liable for any damages caused. But since different circumstances call for a particular course of action, you should look for a competent lawyer to guide you through.

Intentional torts

Battery, assault among other intentional torts fall under criminal cases in the sense that if an individual attacks and injures you, they are most likely going to face criminal charges. Additionally, you can file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court for the injuries compensation. If you feel like you have an injury case by inferring from the above types of personal injuries, you should look for a reputable attorney in Houston.