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Premises Liability: Injuries From Unsafe Conditions

When you are out in a public place or you have been invited to a specific location, there is a reasonable expectation that the premises are safe. If you are injured due to a safety hazard or another negligence of the property owner, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

I am Joseph Onwuteaka, a top Houston personal injury lawyer. For over three decades, I have been winning premises liability cases, diligently representing those injured by dangerous property conditions. You can be confident in my experience in this difficult area of law to secure the financial compensation you deserve.

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Can I Sue The Property Owner For My Accident?

Many times the answer is yes, but it does depend on the facts of the case. A business owner, landlord or homeowner has a responsibility to warn you of any risks or hazards you may encounter on the property. They also have an obligation to keep those places that the general public may visit safe and free of debris. If they fail in these obligations, they can be held legally and financially responsible for any resulting injuries.

What Type Of Accidents Are Subject To Premises Liability?

The most common premises liability claim is a slipping or tripping accident caused by some hazard underfoot. But owners can be held responsible for any accident or injury where they failed in a duty to protect patrons, tenants or visitors from harm:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents – spills, debris, mopped floors with no warning sing
  • Falling merchandise or shelves tipping over
  • Construction zone hazards, such as debris falling from above
  • Elevator and escalator injuries
  • Swimming pool injuries
  • A barstool that breaks
  • A ceiling that collapses
  • A fire, explosion or electrical shock
  • A forklift accident in a store

Bitten by a dog?
Pet owners can be legally responsible when their animals bite, whether the dog bite or attack occurred on or off their property.

How Do You Prove A Premises Liability Case?

The premises liability statute favors business owners. Some lawyers say there is no premises liability in Texas because the law is so strict and the standard of proof is so high. This area of law is not for the faint of heart and it is very tough to win without legal representation.

Law Office Of Joseph Onwuteaka, P.C., has been quite successful with these cases. I know how to investigate and prepare a premises liability claim so that the lawsuit is not thrown out. We must prove (a) that there was a dangerous condition, (b) that the condition caused a serious and lasting injury, and (c) that the owner, proprietor or landlord was negligent in some way. We must demonstrate that they created or knew about or should have known of the hazard but failed to warn people or rectify the danger.

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