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4 factors that contribute to negligent security situations

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Premises Liability

Parking lots and ramps, hotel lobbies and rooms, office buildings and apartment stairwells represent locations where attacks by criminals may occur. Beatings, robberies and even murders are not unheard of in situations due to negligent security.

In any such incidents, property owners and landlords failed to protect the public. They have the responsibility to ensure the safety of anyone who visits their properties. If they do not, victims have every right to take legal action to secure the compensation they deserve. Sometimes, though, tragedies occur.

Lighting, security cameras and staff

A few factors come into play in negligent security situations. All of them can be corrected if the property owner places public safety at the forefront. Here are some issues that contribute to negligent security:

  • Poor lighting: Parking ramps, hallways, stairwells, and hotel lobbies and corridors with inefficient lighting provide effective cover for criminals. Bright and evenly distributed lighting is among the most important things to secure safety. Lighting eliminates hiding places in the shadows, where criminals bent on trouble await.
  • Limited or inoperable security cameras: Efficient number of security cameras must be in place throughout the property, and these devices must work. Live monitoring from security staff or from software that alerts officials of potential trouble is essential.
  • Lack of security staff: On-site security staff represent a deterrent for any criminal set on committing an attack. In addition, property owners must invest in security staff who have effective training. The staff may be employees or from third-party contractors. Frequent patrolling by security guards on foot or by slow-moving vehicles in parking lots is important, too.
  • Unsecured windows and doors: Assailants look for opportunities. They may find windows and doors that are not locked or easily forced open at hotels, office buildings and apartment complexes.

Responsible property owners and landlords should ensure that none of these issues surface on their premises. Providing a safe and secure environment is critical.

Staying alert

An assault can leave victims with severe and debilitating injuries. Physically, they may recover after a few months, but mentally, the memories of an attack may stay with them forever. Always stay alert when entering certain properties.